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You Will Know That You Are Not Dreaming

Hi, welcome to my clusterfuck blog of randomness! Here be One Piece, Final Fantasy, Yugioh, Sailor Moon, Beyblade, Thor, Marvel, Avengers, Loki, Free!, Attack on Titan, Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Ponies, Walking Dead, LOTRs, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Avatar The Last Airbender, Tom Hiddleston, Norman Reedus, Aidan Turner, and a shitton of other fandoms that escape me at the moment, plus other random things. Take a look around, and don't be shy! I don't bite (hard) ;)

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Feb 18 '14



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Aug 3 '12


I love Chris Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth loves me. And it’s all one lovely, um, friendship.” - Tom Hiddleston

Y’know - I told myself that I would never ship people IRL beyond the casual “oh, so-and-so would look cute together” type of deal. 

But then. 


These two came along and FUCKED EVERYTHING UP.